The Curtin Illustration Club (CIC) is a student association dedicated to supporting illustrators of all skill levels and styles by offering them opportunities to get published, attend workshops and socialise. Our goals for the past 10 years now has been to create a friendly and active environment where illustrators can thrive and grow. We offer a wide range of activities on a weekly basis and allow members to contribute to our projects and publications throughout the year.

Our weekly activities include:

  • Life Drawing: Every Wednesday night 6:15pm - 8:30pm, Building 202.139 during semester. 
    Club members can attend for free and non-members pay a $10 entry fee.
    We host a robust and positive environment that has grown Life Drawing into a must attend event for any illustrator looking to sharpen their artist skills.

  • Weekly Meet-ups: Wednesday 12:00pm - 2:00 pm Our Wednesday hangouts occur during the common free time on Wednesdays at Curtin Uni (Building 201.421) and are a great way to pass the time, get lunch and hangout with your illustration buddies, these weekly events are casual and free for all to attend.
  • Workshops and Special Events: After Effects, 3D Modelling, Bob Ross Painting Nights, Editorial Design Workshops, Zine Making, Storyboarding, every semester is something new. Check out our Facebook Group (not page) for more info on events.

  • Supanova and PCAF Convention: Curtin Illustration Club will be hosting a stall at this year 2021 at Supanova and PCAF (Perth Comic Arts Festival). We offer opportunities for members to exhibit with us which allows free entry and the chance to gain convention experience. Also in the lead up to Supanova we host workshops and organise printing for member works to sell, and all profits from works sold through the stall go directly back to the artists.
  • Weekly Drawing Prompts: The CIC Committee host the weekly drawing prompt  through our Facebook and Instagram group. The premise is simply, to give you inspiration and get a chance to share your work with others.


Meet the Committee!

President - Elaine Chon

Secretary - Samyuktha Siram

Treasurer - Sonia Sewpal


Our Safe Spaces Agreement